GameJam Spring 2017 - "All About The Lighting"


Campus has fallen to the ghosts. BROHO turned themselves to ghosts to make Wengatz appreciation day unforgettable, from their the conversion spread. Swallow has now fallen and it is your goal to get to the last remaining floor on campus, FOSO.

— Features

  • Fully original graphics
  • Structurally accurate maps for each level based on a Taylor University dorm
  • An original and fun story

— Controls

  • Use the ARROW KEYS or the WASD KEYS to move
  • Use LEFT CLICK or SPACE to toggle the lights on/off

— What To Do

  • The goal is to make it to the door at the end of the maze. However, ghosts block your path! You can't see them if the lights are on, but if the lights are off, you cannot see your path

Download and Install



  • NOTE: Windows requires the _Data folder and the .exe to be in the same directory.


  • Lead Developer:            Tom Metzger
  • Co-Lead Developer:      Ryan Houck
  • Soundtrack:                   Scotti Bozarth
  • Level Design:                 Hannes Widrig
  • Graphic Design:            Johnny Moscatti III
  • Level Design:                Scotti Bozarth